Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The blessing of friendship...

We recently were blessed with the visit of Jared, Claudia, and Daniela Holsing. Jared and Claudia are missionaries with Global Partners--the missions hand of the Wesleyan Church. They are making preparations to go on the mission field and came to Wilmore to pay us a visit. We have many friends in different parts of the world, but our families share a special bond of friendship, and have a lot of things in common among these:
-Jared went to Haiti and preached at our wedding in June 2003.
-Lara and I had the opportunity to participate in Jared and Claudia's wedding in Washington DC in September 2004.
-Coincidentally, we have given the same first name to our first born child respectively--Daniella Joseph and Daniela Holsing. They were both born in June!
-We are both cross-cultural families who have been called by God to minister to a third culture: Lara (Russia) and I (Haiti) are ministering in Jamaica. Jared (US) and Claudia (Columbia) will be going to Europe.
We had a great time visiting together, and could not but thank God for the blessing of friendship. The Holsings are very close to our hearts, and we would encourage you to pray for them as they prepare to go to Europe to minister.

Daniella meets Daniela.

Another great friendship is in the making. Friendship begets frienship!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What does it take to be a big sister?

If you were to ask Daniella this question, she would probably ask: "one just needs to have a younger sister!" Well, from the time Daniella first saw Sophie at the hospital, she demanded that we give the baby to her. She is the first one to run up to the crib when Sophie starts crying, wants to hold her, and even tries to tell us what to do. There is one little problem, big sister tends to overestimate her own abilities. She thinks she is even big enough to be mother :-).