Friday, February 29, 2008

Work and Play!

We took some time off and went to the beach. This gave Dale and Maria a chance to enjoy some of the beauty of Jamaica.

Taking a Break from Writing... to Write!

If you visist the blog often, you will realize that I was not able to keep the promise I made in Jamaica about updating the blog. So, forgive me. Thank you for checking upon us.
We spent two weeks in Jamaica (3-17), and they went quickly. Since we came back, I have been focusing on completing my thesis. I am working on it 17/6. I could say 24/7 but I do not dream about writing, I am too tired by the end of the day. I have been successful so far. I completed chapter three last week, which allowed me to put the finishing touches on my methodology (ch. 2) this evening around 6:00PM. I came home and just hit the bed for a well deserve nap. There is a lot I could talk about, but I do not know where to start. Since I am taking a break from writing tonight, I thought I would write a post and tell you that we are doing well and continue to depend on your prayers.
Tomorrow morning, I will be back to the library for more of the same. I will start writing ch. 4 which deals with "Suffering in 1 Peter." It is a challenging but very rewarding process.
I will not make any more promises, but keep checking on us. I could surprise you with a post :-).

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Travel Diaries: Jamaica Trip--Part 1

Guess what? I am writing from Jamaica! Our family arrived at Caribbean Wesleyan College (CWC), Sunday afternoon, Feb 3rd, around 4:00PM after a relatively smooth journey from Wilmore. We will be here for two weeks. Lara's mom, Maria is with us, so is Dale C. Williams a friend of ours, PhD student from Asbury Theological Seminary. We made the trip south to get a well deserved relief for the cold weather that has plagued Wilmore, KY recently :-). Not really. Dale is here to teach "Introduction to Christian Leadership" to the second year student. Lara is to teach "Introduction to World Missions" to the third year students. I will be dealing with admistrative matters, and puting the final touches to our yearly self-study report that is to be submitted to the Caribbean Evangelical Theological Association (CETA), our accrediting agency.

I hope to have the time to do a series of pictorial postings entitled: "CWC Then and Now." It will give you an idea of some of the changes that occured at CWC over the last few years. If you become interested, then we can discuss the future, as least, as I think of it. Finally, I hope to be able to squeeze in some time to complete the chapter (of my thesis) I am currently working on. Visit us again soon, and please, remember to pray for us.

Haiti Trip Pictures--Part 1

Margueritte (my maternal grandmother). She is 104 y.o. and counting!

Celebrating Enosch and Lorie's first wedding anniversary.

Conducting devotion for the staff at Quisqueya Christian School.

A week of Celebration

Last week our family had plenty to celebrate. On January 29, we celebrated Maria's birthday. Maria (Lara's mom) has been visiting with us since the end of December. She will be with us until the end of April. She has been a great blessing as her presence allows Abson to spend more time in library. On January 31, Abson's parents celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary. That same day marked Sophie's sixth month. She is growing quickly, and already has two teeth to adorn her cute little mouth. It was another opportunity to thank God for family.