Friday, April 25, 2008

Sights of D.C.--Part 1

Lara's mom wanted to visit Washington D.C. before she went back to Russia. So, last week we took at quick trip (Friday to Wednesday) to help her realise her dream.

The Air & Space Museum was Daniella's favorite. She was in 7th Heaven! I have never seen such joyous expressions on her face as we walked through the museum.

For my Speech & Communication class in College, I memorized an excerpt of MLK's "I Have a Dream" and delivered it as my final examination. I have always wondered what it would feel like to stand where he stood. It was a memorable experience.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Memories of the Past, Signs of Things to Come...

Between December 2006 (when the picture above was taken) and April 2008 (on Friday, when Lara took the picture below) many things have changed, many remained the same, and that is a blessing.

Perhaps the greatest challenge I faced while writing my PhD thesis was finding time to write. When I started in 2005, Lara and I were new parents and were both teaching full time at Caribbean Wesleyan College. We looked forward to the summer and winter breaks when we would come to Wilmore, KY and focus on two rather than three things at once. I worked at home and although it was challenging we have learned to manage the situation well enough that we are now close to the end of the journey. Along the way, we have received great help as both my mom (Altagrace) and Lara's mom (Maria) came last summer to be with us and help us take care of the children. Maria came to be with us again in December. This has allowed me to spend countless hours in the library and take a major step toward completing the thesis.

As Maria's stay is drawing to a close (she is leaving to go back to Russia next Sunday-April 27) Lara and I thought it wise to start easing back to what life might be like after she is gone. On Friday, I decided to stay home and work on some revisions. Daniella was taking a nap, but then came out of her room, climbed on my lap, and slept for about 45 more minutes. Lara had the presence of mind to capture the moment.

We thought about it and laughed, but also got a glimpse of what lies ahead of us: parenting, work, and study, with parenting being the most important. We enjoy all three aspects of our lives because this is what God has called us to. In addition, whereas, I look forward to completing my thesis, not much will change for some time after that because it will be time for Lara to start writing hers.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cyber Dig!

Lara has recently been approved to work as an Adjunct Faculty for Indiana Wesleyan University's online Adult and Graduate Studies Program. The first course she will be teaching is "Biblical Archeology." Lara is yet to fulfill her dream to physically touch the land of her ancestry--Israel, but for now she is thrilled for the opportunity to take a group of students "cyber-digging" for the next 5 weeks.

Dress # 2 in Process

Homemade... Perfect Fit

We have been experiencing some difficulty lately when it comes to buying clothes for Daniella. She is rather tall for a two (almost three) year old, so it is hard to find clothes that fit her perfectly. Depending on the style, we have had to buy between 4-T and up to 6-T. Therefore, Lara decided that she would start sewing some of what Daniella will wear. Lara is thoroughly enjoying the process and Daniella is having a blast trying on new dresses.