Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Latest on Daniella

Good afternoon,
Here is the latest on Daniella. We went to the doctor on Monday, and found that the fever was caused by an ear infection. Daniella is currently taking some antibiotic to take care of that problem. Upon further review of the tests and discussion, asthma has been ruled out. However, Daniella continues to cough. The doctor has administered a new allergy medication, and has set an appointment for us to go see a specialist if the cough does not go away.
Daniella is visibly doing much better and is back to being her old self. As we continue the treatment we also crave your prayers.
Thank you very much.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Update on Daniella

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Thank you very much for your prayers on behalf of Daniella. The x-ray result came back on Monday and her chest and lungs are clear. At this point, it does not seem that asthma is the case. However, she continues to cough and has been running a high grade fever. We have called an explained the situation and are currently (Sunday, 10:30AM) awaiting for the nurse to call back and let us know whether to bring her in or not. If not (since they close at 12 noon), we will take her back to see the doctor tomorrow morning.
We thank you for the care and support you demonstrated toward our family during this time. We continue to cherish your prayers on our behalf.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Prayer Request for Daniella

We would like to request prayer for our daughter Daniella. She is almost 2 1/2 years old. She has been coughing since June, when we returned from Jamaica. We have been to the doctor several times, and she has been treating it as an allergy. However, the cough is getting worse. She now coughs so hard that she wakes herself up at nights, and recently threw up a couple times. We took her to the doctor, again, on Tuesday and now she is thinking it is asthma. We have taken a chest x-ray, and have one appointment on Monday and one of Friday of next week. In addition, Daniella just developed what looks to be a bad case of conjunctivitis (a possible side effect of the new medicine she has just started).
Please, pray for God healing hands to touch her, that the doctors will be able to get to the bottom of this so that she can get to feel better, and for us to know how to cope with this.
In spite of all that she is her usual self; therefore, we have a lot to be thankful for.
We thank you in advance.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Visiting Big Blue Nation: Friendship and Sport

I recently had the cultural experience of attending a University of Kentucky (UK) football game. It is something that I have always wanted to do, but was waiting for the opportune moment. I have a very good friend, Wesley Denham, who has been encouraging me to attend a football game. We have already been to a couple of Cincinnatti Reds' games, and a few UK basketball games. This was supposed to complete my cultural awareness of American sports.

Wesley and I met in 2001 while playing a pickup soccer game during my first year at ATS. We became good friends. As it turned out, he and Lara were friends also; needless to say that Wesley is one of the closest friends our family has. He is one of three people (Brenda Wahl, and Jared Holsing) who has been physically present with us in Russia, the United States, and the Caribbean. He made the trip to Russia in December of 2003 to attend our Jewish/Russian wedding celebration, and came to Jamaica last year to teach an intensive course at CWC. He is originally from KY, so the blood in his veins is blue, I imagine.

Well, this is a great time to be a UK fan. The football team is having what is hailed as their best season in a long time, so I thought it was the appropriate time to catch a part of the action. It was a very memorable time. I could not believe the amount of people who went to the game only to sit outside and grill burgers! It was great to see a marching band upclose, because "Drumline" is one of my favorite movies. Of course, there is the great feeling of being in a stadium filled to capacity, cheering for the home team. The best part about the experience was that I got to share it with a great friend.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Caribbean Wesleyan College in the News

CWC made news today in Jamaica. Follow the link below to read the article.

Sophie Margueritte: 3 months and counting...

Sophie turned 3 months yesterday (October 31st). She is doing well and growing rapidly. She weighs 13lbs, and measures 58cms. Her personality profile would probably read like the following:

Likes: Music--Once I am fed and burped, my parents can put me down. I sooth myself while listening to some music, and eventually fall asleep.

Dislikes: Being put on my tummy. It takes too much work. I can only take it for a tiny bit. On my back, I can manage to move around some. I prefer the sit up position where I can look around and see everybody.

Distinctive marks: A bald spot on the back of my head, and an angel kiss on my forehead.

Major Happenings: On a recent trip to Jamaica, my parents dedicated me to the Lord at Savanna-La-Mar Wesleyan Holiness Church (October 21st). Reverend Edna Myrie prayed that I would become a missionary.

Sibling Rivalry: None yet. Big sister and I are getting along very well. She treats me very gently and runs to my crib when she hears me cry.

Favorite Passtime: Sleep. And when I am awake, hit all those noisy things that hang above my head, and interact with my family. I smile back when they make funny faces, and respond when they talk to me. I do not understand their language though, I hope they get mine.

Aspirations: Hhmm?! Perhaps, performing in a ballet at the Bolshoy Theater in Moscow alongside my sister. But that is just a dream. Actually, I need to start walking first and I need to finish college too.