Friday, March 20, 2009

CETA Consultation Update

Group picture of the participants.

Dr. Miriam Rodriguez, President of Seminario Teologico Defensores de la Fe. She presented a paper on "Leadership for Institutional Effectiveness."

Dr Randall Bell, Director of the Commission on Accreditation, ABHE (Association for Higher Biblical Education, USA. He presented a paper on "Components and Process of Institutional Assessment."

Above: Dr Philip Gray, Pator of New River Wesleyan Church, Fort Lauderdale, Fl.; and Vice President for Institutional Development, Wesleyan Bible College, Guyana. Dr Gray presented a paper on "Sustaning Theological Education in an Economically Challenging Environment."
Below: I am introducing [or finished introducing :-)] Dr Gray to the consultation.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Learning Curve

When it comes to teething, Sophie has suprised us. Of course, we could only compare her teething process to that of Daniella and she outperformed Daniella in that department. She had eight teeth by the time she was one, and had 20 teeth before she was 18 months old.
We have been teaching her to brush her teeth and she is managing to hold the brush but it is more a case of her eating the training toothpaste and chewing on the toothbrush. However, last week, she decided that it was time to learn to floss and we thought that it was a moment worth capturing.

Oh... she spends her down time "reading" Russian books, and I have not no clue what the story is about :-).

Safe and Sound

I arrive in Trinidad last night after long, very long trip. I left the CWC campus around 7:00am for a three and a half hour drive to Kingston where I took the plane for Trinidad. We left Kingston at 2:00pm, flew along the coast of Haiti -- I got very nostalgic. It has been more than a year since I was home --, over Puerto Rico toward St. Maarten where we stopped for some time. Then left St. Maarten for Barbados, and from Barbados we went to Trinidad. I did not need to change planes, so it was not bad. The flight was nice, actually. We made it to Port of Spain ahead of schedule (8:00pm), but I did not reach my final destination until 10:30pm because there were other participants arriving on later flights who were supposed to take the same means of transportation to the hotel.
The consultation is on the way. I have already submitted my report for CWC during the morning report session, and we have had two workshops:
Selected Trends in Theological Education, presented by Dr. Paul Sanders.
Mentoring for Impact, presented by Dr. Pat Glasgow.
The time has been productive so far.

Dr. Dieumene Noeliste, CETA president, is introducing Dr. Paul Sanders. Dr Noeliste is originally from Haiti, he is the former president of the Caribbean Graduate School of Theology in Jamaica and is now teaching at Denver Seminary, Colorado.

Dr. Paul Sanders is the Director of Institutional Development at Arab-Baptist Theological Seminary in Beirut, Lebanon; Director of ICETE (International Council for Evangelical Theological Education).

Dr. Pat Glasgow is the President of West Indies School of Theology in Trinidad.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Prayer Request

I am leaving today to go to Trinidad to attend a CETA consultation on theological education. CETA (Caribbean Evangelical Theological Association) is the accrediting body CWC is currently registered with. This consultation is held every two years. This year, the topic is: "Strengthening Theological Education in a Changing Environment." Several reknown theologians/educators will be presenting papers, each school will be submiting their report to the association, and there will be seminars, workshops, networking, and other activities regarding the advancement of the Association.
I will be traveling from Monday to Saturday. So, please pray for safe journey, for peace of mind for Lara as this is the first time she will be left in Jamaica by herself, and for a productive time at the consultation.

CWC Promotion/Recruitment Sunday

One of the ways that CWC recruits students is through what is traditionally called: Bible School Sundays. On a Bible School Sunday, the college sends a group of students and staff to a church and the institution is in charge of the worship service. Last week 3/8, we visited the Water Works Holiness Christian Church. It was the first church we visited this semester, and it was a great blessing. On Monday morning, I got a call from a prospective student. God is good!

Alton Stephenson, a graduating senior, shared God's word from Isaiah 6.

The Church choir gave an item.

One of the purposes of the Bible School Sunday is to tell people about CWC, who we are, the programs we offer, and try to encourage those whom God is calling to answer the call to ministry. That's a part of what I do :-).

A group of students offered an item as well.

The group was being introduced to the church. From left to right: Clauvette Hessing (visiting her sister Claudia); Guenson Charlot (faculty member, Haiti) and his wife Claudia (Jamaica); Nakia Sergeon (Graduating Senior, Jamaica); Leonie Barnes (1st year, Jamaica); Shakika Frazer (G. S., St Vincent & the Grenadines); Jason Dixon (G. S., Jamaica); Sherion McDonald (2nd year, Jamaica); Josanna Lockhart (1st year, Dominica); Nadira Burke (1st year, St Vincent & the Grenadines); Andre Maurice Joseph (2nd year, Haiti); Philip Hylton (2nd year, Jamaica); Cynthia Reid (1st year, Jamaica). On the platform are, Carolyn Walters (G. S., Jamaica), and Alton Stephenson (G. S., Jamaica)... and Daniella :-).

We Shall Come Rejoicing...

....Bringing in the radishes!
On Saturday 3/14, we harvested radishes and planted some more. Our salads now have a truly Russian taste.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Garden Goodness

It's tomato time! Papayas, Carrots, and Radishes are on the way.

Simple Pleasures

Daniella and Sophie are growing quickly. Too quickly. It has been fun to see them interact with each other. It is clear that sibbling rivalry is taking shape, but they are very creative in finding ways to have fun with each other. We just stand and watch and make sure that they are safe.

CWC in Focus

I cannot believe how quickly the semester is going. Graduating seniors are already counting down the days to graduation! Things are very busy for us, but we are enjoying every moment of it. Lara is teaching Greek, Hebrew, Revelation, and is the on-site faculty for "Organizational Behavior," an online Business course that we offer in tandem with AICBE. I am teaching Hermeneutics and will teach Contemporary Theological Trends as a two-week intensive in April. Monday is the most difficult day of the week as Lara is in class from 10:30 to 12:30, then 2:00pm to 4:00pm. Then I am in class from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.

CWC currently has 15 full time students enrolled in the Theological Studies and Christian Education programs, 1 part time student and 1 unregistered. We also have 12 students who attend the Leadership Training Institute, a course designed for lay person, on Monday evenings. We have a lovely campus, and if you ever plan to come to Jamaica we will be happy to host you. Below are some pictures of CWC. We are in the process of creating a website, once it is up and running, I will post a link.

Reverend Mavis Johnson and some students of the LTI

My Hermeneutics class

Lara's Revelation's class

Guenson Charlot's Acts of Apostles class. Guenson is a graduate of CWC and Bethany Bible College. He is currently pursuing a Master's degree at Wesley Biblical Seminary. He is at CWC only for the Spring 2009.

Reverend Edna Myrie, a senior lecturer, Lara, and two students: Nakia Sergeon and Carolyn Walters (holding Sophie) are chatting during a break.