Saturday, June 06, 2009

April and May Highlights

Starting from bottom to top:
Highlight # 1: Daniella is happily displaying her 3rd place finish medal that she won at her school's Sports Day competition.
Highlight # 2: The college held a Seder celebration during the Easter season. Larisa led the liturgy. It was a wonderful time of worship and reflection.
Highlight # 3: It is promotion time! We have been going, going, going, and going this past semester in terms of promoting the college and getting CWC's name out there. This picture was taken at a Career's Day event held at the Petersfield High School.
Highlight # 4: May is synonymous with graduation. This year's graduating class had seven students. From left to right: Shakika Fraser (Valedictorian), Alton Stephenson, Carolyn Walters (Salutatorian), Dalton Mahbeir, Dwight Vernon, Jason Dixon, and Nakia Sergeon. We had a wonderful celebration. Of course this is always a time filled with mixed feelings. While we celebrated the achievements of the graduates it was sad to see them go. They have all touched our lives, and we consider ourselves blessed to have been able to contribute to their spiritual and academic development (among other things).
Highlight # 5: God granted us the privilege to have had two great neighbors this past semester. Guenson and Claudia were a great blessing to us. Guenson and I (Abson) have known each other since Haiti from the good old (High School) days of attending Music camp at the Universite Chretienne du Nord d'Haiti (Christian University of Northern Haiti). Guenson and Claudia got married in December 2008 and spent a semester teaching at CWC. They are both CWC alumni. Graduation night was their last one on campus, so we are left with no neighbors for a while. Friends are friends forever, so we will surely see them again.

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