Monday, March 16, 2009

CWC Promotion/Recruitment Sunday

One of the ways that CWC recruits students is through what is traditionally called: Bible School Sundays. On a Bible School Sunday, the college sends a group of students and staff to a church and the institution is in charge of the worship service. Last week 3/8, we visited the Water Works Holiness Christian Church. It was the first church we visited this semester, and it was a great blessing. On Monday morning, I got a call from a prospective student. God is good!

Alton Stephenson, a graduating senior, shared God's word from Isaiah 6.

The Church choir gave an item.

One of the purposes of the Bible School Sunday is to tell people about CWC, who we are, the programs we offer, and try to encourage those whom God is calling to answer the call to ministry. That's a part of what I do :-).

A group of students offered an item as well.

The group was being introduced to the church. From left to right: Clauvette Hessing (visiting her sister Claudia); Guenson Charlot (faculty member, Haiti) and his wife Claudia (Jamaica); Nakia Sergeon (Graduating Senior, Jamaica); Leonie Barnes (1st year, Jamaica); Shakika Frazer (G. S., St Vincent & the Grenadines); Jason Dixon (G. S., Jamaica); Sherion McDonald (2nd year, Jamaica); Josanna Lockhart (1st year, Dominica); Nadira Burke (1st year, St Vincent & the Grenadines); Andre Maurice Joseph (2nd year, Haiti); Philip Hylton (2nd year, Jamaica); Cynthia Reid (1st year, Jamaica). On the platform are, Carolyn Walters (G. S., Jamaica), and Alton Stephenson (G. S., Jamaica)... and Daniella :-).

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