Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Sports Day: An Early Start

Last summer, Jamaica, led by Ussain Bolt and co., took over the summer olympics in track and field. When they asked Bolt's father what was the secret behind his performance, he replied: Yams! Well, there may be some truths to that.... I do not know. Another answer to that could be: an early start. Jamaica takes very seriously their world dominance in track and field and does everything to maintain it.

Yesterday was Sports Day at Daniella's school--Paradise Preparatory School. It was amazing to see how everybody took to heart the display of speed (or lack thereof) the children put on. From K-1 up everybody had a chance to run! The student body was divided into three houses (teams), composed of students drafted across from all the grades. From 10:00am to 3:30pm there was a heated (no pun intended!) and friendly competition between students and teachers. One had a sense that there could easily be another one like Bolt, or a Powell, or a Walker in the making.

Daniella ran a 25m dash and came third. For a first start, that was a good finish. It earned her an extra helping of ice cream :-), because mama promised that if she ran fast, she would get ice cream. After the race, she went straight to Lara and said: I ran fast, I want ice cream!

Mrs. E. Street, the Principal is declaring Sports Day officially open. Let the races begin!

Daniella and teammate are warming up, while another friend is convincing Sophie that she can run too.

Green House. They won the team competition. Sophie felt right at home.

Red House. Daniella's teacher was the head of this team, so we had to root for them too. But they finish third overall.

Orange House: Daniella's team. They finished 2nd overall.

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Amie Vaughan said...

congratulations, daniella! good job! you deserve that ice cream. =)