Thursday, April 02, 2009

Sports Day in Pictures

It's lunch time! Sophie was with Daniella every step of the way :-).

K-1 race. I was filming with one hand, and trying to take this picture with my left hand. In the midst of it all, I cut Daniella out. She may never fogive me, but the video turned out to be perfect.

Everybody wins! The children are getting their prizes. The earlier you cross the finish line, the sooner you get to choose your toy.

On your mark... Get set... Go! I will be saying this many many times over the next few years.

Here is a cool story: The boy (orange team) leading the race in this picture fell at the turn. He was overtaken by two other runners (from the green team), but he managed to get up; he passed one, and edged the other to finish first.

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Amie Vaughan said...

way to go, sophie! keeping up with daniella is no small feat! ;)